The Medical Blog

Well here we are day 6 of our adventure in India and everyone is doing well.  We are all taking our Doxy and our stool softeners, yes we are pooping.  It is a great life here at Nishtha, could not be better.  

All of the teens are healthy and doing well.  Having a great time, drinking lots of water and using the squat pots like pros.  They are all very supportive of each other with words of encouragement continually.


A few with mosquito bites in spite of the insect repellant, but nothing serious.  Whitney stubbed her toe and ripped her toenail but we fixed that, no real damage.  Abby Rigby has a giant mosquito bite on her leg, but nothing good old cortisone and Benadryl won’t fix.


Just to let Mr. Hall know I am keeping an eye on Abby she is quite happy, she has fallen for a darling child  with big brown eyes and actually the same child that has my heart from the first time I saw her, Arpitah.  Flint and Susan-well what can I say it is just Carly.  Morgie is happy and trying to figure out how she can do this for the rest of  her life.  I think we have a budding nurse in our future.  Tori is so positive and inclusive of everyone.   Sarah B.  helps me not to be homesick because she has similar facial expressions as my cute grand-daughter Sophia.


Jack is not a great shopper, he walked in the store and told the clerk he wanted to see some shirts, next thing there were 400 shirts just like the one he had on in front of him.   Luckily Jane and I came to the rescue and saved him.  Charley has great taste in Indian attire, pretty flashy but the sizing is way off, but we finally succeeded.  Shopping with the boys was easy and fun, that sports stuff fit the bill and the zit cream was a hit.  I gave them careful instructions for use, their skin will be beautiful.


Enough of the health for now, we are doing great and having the time of our life.


Shirley Bleak  like steak J