The Luxuries of India - Rachel Rawlings

I had forgotten some of the luxuries of India since I was last here, but I have been adequately reminded of them already.  One of them is the fantastic squatters; another is the gigantic spiders.  I will forever have the image in my mind of James screaming like a little girl and Jeff running straight into Ben as a spider chased them.  I think that all of the Indian people here at the NHPC think that we Americans are crazy!  But that is beside the point…

Our time here with the girls so far has been amazing! My favorite part of today was when we gave the girls facials, painted their nails, and made bracelets.

It was so much fun to just hang out and give the girls some attention.  It was really funny when we put the mud on their faces because they thought it felt funny.  But they really liked how soft their faces were after we washed them.

Time flew by really quickly today while we were with the girls.  When it was time for them to leave in the evening, I was so sad. I never want them to leave. I feel like I could spend forever with them and not get sick of it. India is something that everyone should experience!!!!

Rachel Rawlings