The kids are so amazing!

The elementary that I am teaching at is the sahu school. It is for kids in first through 5th. The kids are so amazing! I love them all. When we had to leave for the first day yesterday, I felt so sad. They need our help so much, I just want to help them all every second of the day. We have 54 kids that we teach. It is overwhelming with all of the kids, but they are awesome. There are two named Naveen and Nrender they are so little and cute. On the way up to the villages we travel on a windy road for about 45 minutes. The road is only big enough for one car- even here, its crazy!!- and we pass cars about half a foot from our car and the drivers do not even slow down. We also have to drive through a river to get to our school, it’s so fun. The best thing about India is when people see us, they stare and don’t know what to do. I know they are just thinking ‘White People!!’ It is the funniest thing in the world. They will just stare the entire time we walk past, when we say hi to them or Namaste, they yell it back because they are surprised we talk to them. One thing that is weird about India is all of the people that are walking in the road all the time, and also all of the people that we see everyday just standing outside of their house. A lot of people here don’t do anything, but just sit at their houses. Also I love all of the motorcycles that people drive here. You see double the motorcycles than you see cars. Something else super weird is all of the cows everywhere, the trash, and dogs around every corner.

India is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been and I have grown to love India more than anything else in the world. I have to tell you though, Cletis; our pet spider that is in our room, is super creeper, but it totally protects our room. We have a couple spiders in our rooms that we have named. We would kill them, but there are way too many spiders here that more would take their places so we don’t waste the time. The food here is super good. We eat curry for almost every meal, morning and dinner. For lunch we have our own food. It is super good though. I have to say though, the orphanage I am in is seriously the best orphanage ever. The kids yell when we come, and will hold our hands every second we are there. They fight over us all the time. They make me feel so lucky for everything. I love the way they make me feel and hope I can affect them the same. I love teaching them English and playing games with them. Well happy thanksgiving. Smile at everyone you see. Love you all.

Todd Brown