The Hardest Day of My Life! - by Rebekah Peterson

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If I could choose the hardest day of my life to put into words, today would be that day.  It started out with our final drive to the school.  I cherish every second that we have in the cars.  I love to watch all the people watch us.  I love having the windows down with India blowing the hair out of my eyes helping me see more clearly the world that I live in and appreciate all that I have.  It pains me to see the immense poverty but at the same time I feel that the people here have something that we don’t and I still have yet to figure out what it is.  I have a feeling that it has something to do with love and love of culture.

We arrived at the school surprised to find no children waiting on the porch.  But as we came closer it became clear that the kids were two distracted with their new desks and murals on the walls that they almost didn’t notice us come in.  I love these kids to death I would do anything and go anywhere for them.  They have the purest hearts and the biggest smiles.  Even if they don’t remember anything that we taught them, I hope that will remember how much they are loved by a bunch of crazy teenagers from Salt Lake City, Utah.  There have been so many moments I have had with these children where I have thought to myself, I have never been happier in my life then in this moment right now.   Never in my life have I felt so much love.

Saying goodbye was so bitter sweet.  I loved being able to look into the kids eyes and see the joy that radiates from them.  I loved having kids running up to me to play one last hand game, have one last tickle fight, to be picked up and turned up side down one more time, and to give one last hug and kiss on the cheek.  Leaving was so hard but I had one quote running through my mind the whole time it is, “ Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.” (that is probably completely wrong but we’ll go with it) I still cannot believe that I am actually here and that I have met, played with and loved kids that I have been waiting to meet for almost a year now.  I would not trade this experience for anything!!!!  I send my love and gratitude to all, I would not be here were it not for so many dedicated friends and family members.  Thank you!