The Girl Named beautiful

I want to start off by thanking the Baird’s for allowing me to have this life changing opportunity. This has been the neatest experience of my life! The second day of school was the first day I saw my little buddy Babubly (pronounced bubbly). Bubbly is about two foot nothing jet black braided hair, beautiful dark skin, huge round sad chocolate eyes with snot bubbles coming out of her nose..she looks like a baby doll. My first thought when I first saw this little girl was what kinda of life would make someone who is so young and beautiful so unsure and full of mistrust? The second that my eyes meet her’s my heart was overwhelmed with love and a deep longing of desire to do something, anything for her. As Babubly walked away I caught up with her to take her hand. I will never forget the painful mistrusting stare I received. I released my hand from her’s so not to scare her. I think my heart broke a little bit, seeing that expression on an angels face. The next day was the most colorful beautiful holiday that has ever come to be, Holi. There was no school so I did not see Babuly again until today. Rewind to last night. Everyone went to bed early. The few of us that remained gathered around the fire in the middle of camp. One of those few was Greg Davis and myself. To all of those who do not already know this Greg Davis is one of the most special people to ever live. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world to have been given the opportunity to know and work with him. Greg and I had a great conversation about if we were really making a difference and how we would make a difference. he asked me  if I ever had anyone believe in me? if I ever had anyone encourage me? If I ever had anyone look me in the eye and tell me they believed in me? Yes I have, my parents. They have made more of a impact on my life than any education ever will. Today at school I was so excited to see Babuly! That beautiful girl with snot bubbles and snotty sleeves. I was team leader today AKA the boss so I took advantage of my position and pulled Babuly away from the group. With the translators help, I told her how important she is, that I believed in her. I told her that she was beautiful. Her face in that moment will forever be imprinted in my mind. her chocolate eyes widened and she gazed at me with curiosity and amazement. Then it happened, I saw the most beautiful smile that I have ever or will ever see. One year of hard work, ups and downs, almost quitting, 3,700 dollars and traveling half way around the world. That smile made it more than worth it, it made it.

Jessica Smith