The Freedom of Forgiveness

It was so so good to see everyone's happy faces after our seemingly endless break!!


We started off the meeting with a lesson about Forgiveness by the one and only Allison Ford. The lesson included a group discussion about the costs and rewards of staying upset at someone rather than forgiving them. Some of the costs were relationships, happiness, peace, freedom, and fun. The rewards for holding a grudge are pride, being right, being a victim, and attention. Ultimately it is our decision whether all the costs for holding a grudge are worth the rewards, and whether we are willing to sacrifice our happiness and freedom for pride and the satisfaction of being right.

"To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you." -Lewis B. Smedes


1. Read the article "Forgiveness: How to let go of grudges and bitterness"

2. Forgive someone in your life

3. Teach someone in your life how to forgive

4. Come prepared to share at the next meeting


Next we were able to hear amazing Ted Talks from some of our group members!

Zane gave us a passionate and enlightening Ted Talk about humanity. His knowledge was evident and we loved hearing the new information he shared with us.

Jaime shared a Ted Talk with us about forgiveness and selflessness. I loved hearing the stories from the Ted Talk and they tied in perfectly with our lesson about forgiveness.

Rachael shared a Ted Talk about finding a passion, or a "home" to anchor ourselves in. Her talk was very inspirational and it was so fun to hear from her.


Saturday, May 3rd

Dorothy and Alec's Yard Sale- please give them any clothing you don't need for their clothing drive!

McKayla's car wash

Adam's Yard Sale

(See Instagram/Facebook for details) Go support your team!

Sunday, May 4th

Return Celebration

Friday, May 9th

Hike and waffle party at Linda's at 5pm


Can't wait to see you all soon!