The Experience of a Lifetime - Belinda Davis

Hello People of America and some people of India! You can’t really realize how much you love someone and how much you will miss someone until it comes time to leave, whether it be temporary or permanent. I wasn’t sure sure if I was going to cry or not. I was leaning towards not crying, but when we were standin a circle around the boys singing “One Day” and realizing that I would probably never see these boys, my little brothers ever again hits you like a ton of brinks. Looking down to see two of the youngest boys crying, it makes you cry harder. Seeing that one of your little boys is so happy and proud to have a picture of you makes you cry even Harder. And having a little boy who is the one that started call you “moite” and “malinga” saying Good-bye Malinga I will miss you.” By this point you’ve completely lost it and you heart is breaking. But the one thought that holds you together from completely falling apart is that you have made such a difference they cry, they say I miss you, and they are proud to have a picture of you. You will miss them and they will always hold a special place in your heart. I will always love my boys!Belinda Davis (1 of 1)