The Ekta Team Arrived Safely in Chamba!

After a long day on the road the Ekta team arrived safely in Chamba about 9:00 pm India time.  All of the team members are in good spirits.  A few suffered some minor car sickness on the windy roads.  They were having dinner when I called and where then going to get their supplies ready for their first day in the schools tomorrow.  The plan is to get everyone to bed so they can be rested and ready for tomorrow!  Several members of the team have written blogs they hope to post by later this evening. We are still trying to work out the internet connection. The time difference in Chamba is 12 1/2 hours ahead of mountain standard time. We will be working in four schools and four ashrams each day!  The schools are Sahoo, Nihan, Kalsuin and Kiyani. The Children from each of the  ashrams (orphanages) attend the schools with the exception of the Temple Ashram girls who attend two different schools in Chamba town.