The Downside to Karma


One of the first things anyone will say to you when you go to India is, “be careful for those stomach bugs”; but this didn’t apply to me. I’ve had close Indian friends for over 3 years and in that time I’ve learned to eat all sorts of Indian foods and sweets, I actually have grown to love Indian food and it’s wide array of spices and flavors; therefore, I was totally prepared for anything India had to throw at me, so I jumped right in.

Well . . . somewhere near the beginning of our journey all of my preconceived notions about how my body would confront India rapidly changed when I soon became one of the FEW people to get sick . . . and I’m an “adult leader”. I am now feeling better again but my arrogance and lack of respect for the powers of India introduced me to the downside of Karma.

I’m thankful that I had an amazing and bittersweet last day with our kids. It was a wonderful surprise that our beautiful students cared for the adult leader too. I guess Mother India has mercy and forgiveness in her heart as well, either that or finally some good Karma is creeping back into my healthy being.


p.s. thanks for watching out for me J Swiss.