The Bigger Picture (Kristen Shimkus)

20131121_005928 I’ve never been a big sister. But I know from having two of my own, the love of a little sibling. When you walk into Sahu in the morning, the kids greet you with folded hands and a bow of the head while respectfully saying, “Good Morning Madame.” After that instant of uniformity, the only name being thrown around is “DiDi” meaning sister. That’s when I know that their love for us is bigger than respect, it’s a love that you have for family.

I also have a funny story to go along with that. Today, Dillon and I were team leaders and were responsible for helping everyone else teach their lesson. We noticed that Angela was having trouble teaching because Pankaj, one of the troublemakers, was constantly hitting the other kids. Being the softy that I am, I sent Dillon to go discipline him. He dragged the relentless kid to the time out mat where he sat with him and kept watch. Brooke and I found it so cute that we decided to snap a quick picture. Right as we did, Pankaj caught our eye and saluted for the camera.

After timeout, Pankaj was sent back to go learn adjectives from Sandon. They were making hats and were instructed to draw something that was big. Most of the kids drew the mountains or a big bus, but not Pankaj. Instead, he drew a picture of me. He ran up with a big smile to show me. I didn’t know if I should’ve been offended or not but I couldn’t help but to laugh non-stop.

It’s really the little moments similar to these that make you realize the bigger picture. We are all meant to be here. It may be hard at times but these kids have our hearts and that makes it all worthwhile.