The BEST Birthday in the World

by Becky Perry

I had the most incredible birthday of my entire life. I am pretty convinced that nothing will be able to top this day. There are 18 things that I loved about it.

1. I got to spend my 18th birthday in India-how many Americans can say that…quite a small number!
2. I woke up to a gorgeous Himalayan sunrise!
3. People to sang happy birthday to me at breakfast, lunch, and dinner in multiple languages…thank you Warren.
4. I got to hike in the Himalayas -these mountains put Utah to shame. It reminds me of Emperor’s New Groove… these mountains really do sing.
5. I almost fell off a cliff.
6. I made history. I was one of the first white people these people have ever seen. Pretty dang freaking cool.
7. I got to meet the most AMAZING Indian children.
8. I am pretty convinced that I ran a marathon while playing “Duck Duck Goose.” I got chosen every time. What can I say…I was in high demand!
9. I spoke Hindi fluently. Not really, but I did speak my first Hindi words.
10. I got to experience the frustration and love teachers have for their students.
11. Every single one of my 39 kids sang Happy Birthday to me. They yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY BECKY over and over. It was hysterical. I cried.
12. While the kids were walking home from school they were still singing “Happy Birthday to Becky.”
13. I got to hike Himalayas with the kids to get home after school. All the lazy Americans had to take breathers because we were not nearly as in good of shape as our students.
14. The cooks made me a Birthday feast!
15. I saw Warren Porter with his shirt off…Warren and Scott Pole Danced for me and in the process almost took sown the food tent.
16. We had the coolest Hindi celebration: I stood in the middle of a circle of all my YMAD friends and every one went around the circle and said things they liked about me. This is the best YMAD group ever, they are soooooooo nice.
17. Everyone gave me a beautiful set and bangles and an amazing traditional Indian shirt…thanks Kayla.
18. I already said this, but … I WAS IN INDIA FOR MY BIRTHDAY. No big deal.