The Best Birthday EVER!!!!

This time it was super easy to think of a title since it is conveniently my birthday today!!  It has only been a few days since my last blog but I have SO much more I wish to share!  If you want full stories, ask when I get home because I have so much I still want to do instead of sit with this silly piece of technology haha J I could write a novel just about my kids and all of the experiences I have already had!  Today was the cultural exchange and if I could choose one word to describe my experience, I would choose… actually the word doesn’t exist.  It was one of the most beautiful things I have been able to witness.  Seeing how much the kids love everyone at all of the schools really shows me that we came to make a difference, and that is what we have done.  I love those kids so much and I love my YMAD family so much!  Also, I love my team Svartha family J I would be so lost without them and they have been such great people to be around!  Everyone has made my birthday the most unforgettable day of my life J.  One of the highlights was when we went back to our school after our cultural exchange and all of the kids sang happy birthday to me in English.  I have never been so touched and it took all my strength not to cry.  I love them so much and I love watching the growth they have experienced just from our little time being here.  Today was seriously the best birthday ever.  Being blessed by a priest, seeing the cultural exchange, my kids singing to me and reviewing our lessons, realizing that they really have learned something from me.  I really can’t explain everything I see and feel here in India.  Words are not powerful enough to describe it.  Don’t worry mom I’m fine and I am having the time of my life.  My camera started working today and I am taking pictures of every moment.  Love you!


Cynthia Dixon