The Beauty of Jibi!

This trip so far has been spectacular. No words can describe the way I feel right now!! Not only did we travel for 24 hours straight, but we also had a 7 hour bus ride on top of that. That bus ride wasn’t like any other bus ride I have been on. It was very bumpy and surprisingly I felt very car sick. We arrived at our camp spot it was very late at night and we all were so tried. That next morning we were able to sleep in and we headed to the first days of the schools. My school was the second farthest away and as we walked in I couldn’t believe what I saw. The kids  greeted us with open arms and warm hearts. They were so thankful that we were there and they started to crowd around us.  My first lesson was family and I showed the kids pictures of my family. I had them sound out the words of the family members. Some kids were surprisingly better at picking up English more than others. We played games like duck duck goose, Do as I’m Doing, and Follow the Leader. It was so hard to say goodbye the kids followed us to our cars. The second day of schools was even better. The minute I walked in tears formed in my eyes. The kids ran to us and   said hello and touched their feet before they greeted us. They were had such a desire to learn and were so appreciative of everything we did for them. In India they believe that the teacher is greater than God because the teacher is the person who teaches you about God. You touched the feet as a sign of respect. I felt more confident and prepared to teach my lessons. Overall today was a successful;l day and I can’t wait for what the rest of the trip brings me!!!! Love, Stacey Thatcher