That’s what it’s all about

Today I figured out what this trip is all about. After winding up the sheer mountain side with our great driver titu (I thought we were going to fall off the road a few times), we arrived at Nihan. After we walked a few feet we saw our school, and our kids. 30 of the cutest kids I have ever seen greeted us with a well rehearsed “Good Morning”, standing in three perfect lines. I’m not going to lie, communicating was really hard in the beginning, but the kids are so eager to learn. At lunch the kids came over to where our group was eating, and we took a million pictures. And as soon as the flashes and clicks started, the kids opened right up. I lifted a little girl in a bright blue sweater up so she could be seen in the back of the group photo, and after that she didn’t leave my side. I can’t believe how much love these kids have, and how happy they already make me.

I am so excited for the rest of the trip. India in the craziest and yet prettiest place I’ve ever been. Family… I’m alive and I love you. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday JJ.