Teri Peterson

I have been having some amazing opportunities here in India. Dr. Paul and I were able to work with 20 midwifes. These women are very smart and were so excited to learn. They asked us some great questions and we were able to teach them some things that will hopefully help save some of the babies they are delivering. We are going to talk to two other village groups of midwifes today. It feels very rewarding. I’m grateful to be here.

Yesterday a small group of the medical team went into the red light district to check on the children of the prostitutes. Nishtha has a shelter for these children. Stewy, Dr. Paul and I examined 42 children. I was overwhelmed to see the children. Over all the children were physically healthy. But, I can’t begin to comprehend all the many struggles they face each day.

I have loved getting to know your children better. They are doing amazing things.