tender mercies.

one week has passed as i have had the opportunity to venture deep into the jibhi valley. still as beautiful as ever, i have enjoyed every moment of it. i will share two tender mercies that have touched my heart forever:

1. pria, beautiful pria, told me to go to the water hole with her when i first arrived to the school on thursday. i kept pushing it off and telling her i needed to teach my lesson. at lunch i finally caved in as she grabbed my hand and dragged me behind the school to the water hole. she took my hand and kissed it, simply saying, i love you. she soon took the necklace off her neck that has a 'p' on it, and put it on my neck. this was the only necklace she owned and had so much pride in the fact it was hers. i instantly was put to tears. the necklace was so warm, constantly reminding me of her love for me. its crazy to think she gave me one of her prized possessions.

2. sanjana brought her sweet mom to school to have me meet her, as i went over to meet her mom, tears lined her dark brown eyes as she looked at her daughter and whispered a bit of hindi and sanjana grabbed her ear and said something back. this woman grabbed my hand and said two words: thank you. the most meaningful words i heard heard that entire day. those simple words have branded my heart forever.

overall, one blog post later i am here to say, all is well. i have learned a lot, but unfortunately i can't put these feelings into words. i miss some luxuries of america: like washers and dryers, and warm water constantly, but without this trip i don't think i would be able to see that.

i am happy- truly happy- i hope all is well at home. im grateful for the friendships that have grown here and can't wait to see them develop even more over the years. i know everyone here is meant to be here together at this time.

finally, i challenge everyone reading this to do one thing out of their comfort zone, to meet someone new and do something for them. you never know the impact you may have on someone.


ruby parkin