Ten Things I Could be Doing Instead of Blogging!

Ten Things I Could be Doing Instead of Blogging
1. I could be doing ChaiDee’s sprinter workouts around the compound in India and having random Indians stare at me.
2. I could be going into town and looking at tons of different beautiful fabrics for pant suits.
3. I could be eating mouthwatering food from street vendors, even though the food might give me diarrhea but would be totally worth it.
4. I could be getting sunburned from being outside playing with tons of little kids that hands and will never let go of yours even if you need to use the potty.
5. I could be catching up on much needed sleep.
6. I could be taking a bucket/pale shower and washing off my dirt tan.
7. I could be retrieving a soccer ball that went down a hill while we were playing with it on the parachute and run into a patch of hard core stinging nettle.
8. I could be playing a new Indian game I learned today called Kabaddi that’s way super fun.
9. I could be walking through giant fields of wheat that go on forever.
10. I could be figuring out how to destroy all of Trevor’s Celine Dion music before it reaches my ears again.

Shea Aldana