Team work is like no work!

Nick Clark and Alex Park

Alex and I are now done with our Internship. Sad day. We finished it by going with the Utah Country expedition to Chamba. Those Kids are awesome. We had a great time getting to know them and all of the adult leaders. We’re very grateful that they let us join in on their team. We even got our names on the back of their T-shirts. Yeah we’re pretty dope. I’d like to give out some shout outs. Thank you Baird’s Rob, JoDee, Eden, Maria! Thank you Utah Country Team. Thank you Rakesh, Raj, Nisha. and Mr. Damhi. Thank you very much Family for letting me come do this! And everyone I forgot to thank, thank you too! We had a great 3 months living here in India! We did so much and didn’t really blog. I'm pretty sure we had the trip of a life time. Kullu, Calcutta, Pune, Delhi, Chamba and Agra. What a adventure we have had. Thank you again for this EPIC experience.

Oh yeah there’s one great life lesson I learned here that I would like to share with you. “Team Work Is Like No Work”

Nick and I are double-teaming this blog like it’s no work. I also want to thank everyone who read our blog. And we are much funnier in person compared to our blog, just in case you were wondering. Nick and I have seen many things this trip. Good and bad. But every experience we have had, have helped us grow into the men we are going to become. We are both excited to come home, but also very sad to leave our new home. People have been very caring towards us the moment we stepped off the plane. We have absolutely loved it here. This is something we are going to carry throughout our lives. Rakesh and Raj are two men that do amazing work for this organization. Without them non of this would be possible. I also want to thank my family. I left without anyone really wanting me too, but you have all supported me so much. YMAD, I think your pretty neat.