Teaching New Born Infant Care! by JoDee Baird

Today we had fourteen mid wives attend our training set up by a local Indian health worker! These women had never had their hands on a Recessa Annie doll to practice or learn current techniques. Hands on training is not the norm in this part of the country and it was so fun to teach them how to hold the the baby properly after delivery and the important steps necessary to clear an infants airway. Every one loved their turn holding the doll. An elderly women was having a hard time giving breaths to the doll to get is chest to rise. I finally figured out it was because she had no teeth and couldn't get a seal on the dolls face. We all had a good laugh!

At one point I asked a women her husbands name and she did not respond. Later I found out that in this rural tribal patriarchal society that it is not proper for a woman to say her husband name out side of their home.
The whole experience was remarkable and I couldn't have successfully completed the training with out Nisha my translator. She is so amazing! The women were so grateful for all of the safe delivery kits and new born supplies we were able to deliver to them. Upon leaving all of the women came up to me and handed me a handful of rice and then knelt down and touched and kissed my feet. To be honored in this way was an experience I will never forget. Today I felt a sisterhood and kinship with women half way around the world in a way I never have before. Words can't describe!