Christian Hartman- Teaching a Lesson

Teaching a lesson on How To Hold A Conversation is almost impossible when you are teaching kids that know nearly no English.  Cue the awkward silence as you ask them a question and they just stare and smile..  anyways it has been a photographer's dream up here, as terraced mountains holding aloft sparse colorful homes come into view around every corner.  More importantly, these kids are amazingly cute, and although they were a little shy when we first got there, they are warming up to us, and I think we accidentally taught them that a high five and bones means to tickle the other person mercilessly.  We went to an all-girls Ashram apparently unannounced which made for a surprised group we dropped in on, but it ended up a very joyful experience as we played games and laughed with them the whole time.  I am surprised by how much I love these kids already, and I am excited to see them tomorrow!  See you soon.