Tanner Olsen

DSC_1431 We have officially been on this journey for a week now which is to an extent incomprehensible. In many ways my time spent here and coming here is all blurred as if I have been living in one single day filled to the utmost extent with thought provoking and altering experiences. At the same time I feel as if I been here for so long because I have gained so much wisdom that I cant help but feel should normally only come with great time. These children have embraced us as if we are brothers and sisters to them. You cant help want to care for and be there for them as such. It is truly unfathomable to explain the genuine love these children gain for you.

There is one boy at my school that stands out to me above all else. His name is Deinesh and he is five years old. The first time we went to the school he was the most quiet and polite little boy. As time went on her became more comfortable with us like many other the other students. He began showing a side of himself that I that knew  was his true self even before he exposed that side of him. He reminds me very much of my cousins six year son Luke, whom I am very close with. They both are very quiet and caring. I don't not think either of them have fully realized it for themselves yet but they both show the attribute that one of the most important things to them is the happiness of the people around them that they care about. Which is what I consider true loyalty, and the reason I love them.

Yesterday when i was leaving the school we teach at the children had already left. it is about a ten minute walk to where we park the cars. A third of the way back I saw Deinesh sitting up against the wall. when he saw me he immediately stood up ran up to me and jumped into my arms. I carried him the rest of the walk and he spoke to me they whole way. i couldn't understand what he was saying other than when he said my name. But I knew that he truly cared about me as I do for him.