Tanner Jensen

Captains log: start date 11/25 in the 21st century, Chamba India, eighth day into the India expedition. As an adult leader of the ERA school, I look back on our most recent adventure and realize I could not have asked for a more dependable and dedicated crew: Renae, Madeline, Emily, Tommy, and Matt. Our operation had been compromised by an experimental project designed to triple the kids in our teaching pool. Being put into a new and alien territory without sufficient man power and supplies left the crew with low moral. However, with the extreme efforts of the crew, success was achieved and 70 extra kids are now being taught, medically checked, and provided basic hygienic needs. More importantly, the crew has dedicated efforts to install running water and new lighting into the school. The difference the crew is making on these children's lives in such a short period is remarkable and only reflects the true nature of these young men and women.