Sweet Canadian Mullet

Jensson Ostler Who gets the chance to have an INSANE color fight and then right after get to shower in a freezing waterfall??? Not sure if it happens more than once in one’s lifetime.  One of the most awesome days in my life!!

Being able to be in this foreign country that is so much different from the life that I am used to, has really allowed me to see the complication of American life. Everything is so simple here. No worry about if I am dirty, worry about good enough for someone else, or worry about changing for the views of others. What I worry about here is being able to show these kids that I really care, to show that I have worked hard to be able to come and share what I know with them. Honestly I love this place. I love being able to have fun with people, and kids that I only met a couple days ago. The people I am with are the best. I know that everyone works hard in their own way. We all want to help, and this is how we are doing it.

Anyone that says this is not worth it is crazy. I am so glad I spent the time and money to come and be with my friends and with these kids. I would gladly do it again, because when you see the eyes of a child looking up at you because they know you care is one of the best feelings in the world. Everyone deserves this chance and is may not happen more than once in a lifetime.