Swallow Your Pride - Jenna Evans

Today we got the opportunity to wash, comb, and braid all the girls hair at the Day Boarding School of girls. We set up an assembly line of the YMAD girls for each station. I was put with combing. Some of the children would come with short straight bobs, others with long thick curls. Smiles were everywhere and we had fun shaking their hair with the towels and splashing each other. I got one girl with extremely thick locks. I started combing away at her snarls and quickly found tons of dandruff.  Some of the girls probably haven’t brushed their hair in months if not more than a year, so It can take a while to finish. After examining her head closely the thought came to me “Is that dandruff moving?” yes. It was lice. It was hard not to cringe and make faces as I finished. You don’t want them to feel like there is something wrong with them. We were quickly informed, after that particular child, most of the girls have lice. Some girls definitely had it worse than others. Batches of eggs were spread behind ears or hidden by hair ties. I’m embarrassed about how easily my pride got in the way of how I interacted with the girls. My hair felt itchy and we were all terrified we’d get lice too. I said a little prayer to help me swallow my feelings.  India continues to teach me.