Such a Beautiful Day - Fifi and Katehrine


Today was such a beautiful day! The sun was out and shining and so were we! We went on a hike all together as a team at nine. The hike was very steep. Each step took almost as much effort as the one before. The hike wasn’t too difficult, but it was still very hard. We had finally walked through the opening to the top of the mountain and all our hard work and effort had paid off. The sky was clear and the view was gorgeous. It felt as  if we were on top of the world. As we sat upon the mountain we looked around and saw villages etched into the mountain side and where the sky met the beautiful Himalayan mountains. As we made our way down the mountain we all received our fair share of cuts and bruises. We all had fallen at least five times and we all had the opportunity to know what it feels like to have thorns to our faces. When we got back we had a lot of free time. We had learned how to do our own laundry by hand. Hahahah. Life is great here in India. We had our gratitude meeting and it had allowed us to think a lot about things that we should be grateful for and how fortunate we are to be apart of something that is so extraordinary and special. Being apart of this expedition has brought to our knowledge everything and anything that is worth being grateful for. Things we used to think we couldn’t live without suddenly seem so pointless. We’ve learned that you don’t need very much to be happy. We shared what we were grateful for and we received the letters that were written to us by our family members. We all had our little cry sessions on our own as we read the letters from our loved ones. We love our kids and we are saddened by the thought of leaving them soon. They are so happy and they bring such a light into our lives, especially mine. We have fallen in love with India in just a matter of days, but we have fallen in love the children of India in just a matter of seconds. We are so grateful for their unconditional love and just the happiness that radiates from them. I feel like they have taught us more then we have taught them. They are such amazing little people and we are grateful for the time we get to be with them and for the role we play in each of their lives. They have allowed our heart to grow bigger just for them. We love you. We love them. And we love India. :) See you soon!

Love Fifi and Katherine :)

Ps. Happy birthday mamma!! on march 27th. Miss you! And sorry I only called dad hahahaha. Love you alllllll :) --Fifi

PsPs. Thanks for the sweet letters! :) I love you both!--Katherine