Stephie Likes India by Stephie Wiest

P1040334 (1 of 1) (1)  Dear Mom, I am having no fun at all in India. So I am typing this (Jamison) for Stephie because her hand just got hennafied.


The only thing better than waking up in India is knowing that I get to play with my buddies all day!  I swear these kids get cuter everyday.  Just when I feel like I have no more energy, I feel a little hand hold mine and then I’m yanked back into yet another game of “London Bridge is Falling Down”.  I’m seriously debating making that my life’s theme song :).


Today I was a team leader. Stephie is getting more henna, this is Sarah S. Hola and goodbye. Alright, I’m back!  Gotta love a good shout out :)  Back to being a team leader, which was awesome.  I was lucky enough to clean out some of the little kids ears which have blocked off with ear wax to the point where it impairs their hearing.  While we waited for the medicine to dissolve, i got to read them books that i read growing up.  I can only hope that i did the voices as well as my mom!


In the afternoon we went to our ashram for the very. last. time.  I totally didn’t realize how close i was to those little buggers until we had to say goodbye.  Everyone was crying, our team and the boys.  As we drove away, the boys ran alongside our car until we got to the main road.  Most heartbreaking thing ever when they understood that we weren’t coming back tomorrow.


I love it here. I honestly can’t say anything else.  I’ve learned so much and understand life a little bit better :) yep. i think i’ll end on that.  Unless anyone else wants to take a shout out? nope? well, goodnight!