Starting a New Adventure

Nick and I, are absolutely loving life in India! Nick and I had a great opportunity to stay with Mr. Dhami and his wonderful family. After that we took a 5 hour car ride to Pathankot , where the nearest train station is. If you ask anyone who has ever gone to India before with Ymad, they have a story about the train ride. Last time when we were here with a group of 35 people we sat in the train station and everyone stared at us. Why should it be any different this time around? Wanna know the biggest difference between sitting in a train station with 35 people compared to 2? Your not nearly as intimidating to be approached by weirdos. When Nick and I sat down, Nick had his arms wrapped around all the bags while I sat there with my 10-rupee veg burger. One guy instantly sat down right next to us and leaned over and didn’t stop looking at Nick for the 2 hours we sat there. A group of about 15 young men were all whispering and looking over at us. It couldn’t but help remind me of little schoolgirls. One of them finally got the guts to come up and show us his butchered English. When one person shows some courage, Its a lot easier for others to show it too. Soon we had a group of 15 people standing in front of us all asking questions. That was the first time this trip I genuinely felt overwhelmed. I wasn’t scared, I was just was overwhelmed at the idea of sitting here and talking small talk to all these people. When I thought it couldn’t get any weirder some guy came out of left field and started giving us biscuits. No one saw him coming. They eventually got bored of us and went back into there dark corners. The train finally arrived and we found our spot where we’ll be sleeping. The only sleeper train I’ve been on the compartment only had 4 beds, but this one had 6. We thought we would be stuck with 4 other creepy guys for the next 9 hours. We totally lucked out and got a small family of 4. Nick and I were so unbelievably stoked! Neither one of the kids were older than the age of 5. We had some extra beanie baby’s so we handed them over to the kids. We all got ready for bed and I plugged in my ipod and was excited to lie down in peace. As soon as a got all situated one of the little kids started weeping. Not crying. Weeping. This kid had lungs. At the beginning of his weep session I wasn’t even mad. I was actually impressed. That soon went away and I was honestly thinking about taking away his beanie baby if he didn’t shut up. The biggest thing that stopped me was the language barrier. I didn’t think it would look good if I was stealing a little boy’s stuffed moose. After about a half an hour or so he stopped. Our train was to arrive in Delhi at 7:30 in the morning and I was terrified we were going to sleep through our stop. I got up around 7 and was ready to go at 7:30 all anxious to get off the dumb train. Don’t worry. We weren’t even closed to sleeping past our stop. Our train was late by 2 and a half hours. We had a crazy rickshaw drive through Delhi and we were at the airport ready to fly to Calcutta and start a new part of our adventure.