Spiders, Vomit, and Ambien (Nick Storey )

First thing first, the spiders are indeed huge. I will see them in my nightmares for years to come. Anyways, for unknown reasons, I thought that wearing jeans on the plane, and throughout all our travels, was a good idea. I was wrong. But the plane ride wasn’t as bad as it was hyped to be. I kept myself entertained by reading my book, the Prestige, by destroying the high score of a game that was included on the plane, and watching a plethora of motion pictures. My other source of entertainment was watching the effects of Ambien on the other kids in my group. They stupidly tried to stay awake after taking the pill, and as a result they made fools of themselves. Elliot took some and decided that putting half and half on his dinner roll was a good idea. He threw up. Going into this trip, I did not know what to expect. I thought that I would be teaching kids who were okay at English and who could handle my whole lesson plan. Our first day of teaching, I found out just how wrong I was. Most of the kids knew zero English, and the ones who did know some knew very little. My whole lesson changed on the spot. I decided to focus just on the vocabulary and spelling of the words. It seemed to be going ok, but it turned out the kids were just repeating every word that I said. Even when I’d mumble something to myself, they would repeat it.

The second day, the kids were much more energetic and eager to learn. I was team leader that day and saw a massive improvement from the previous day. The drawback was that the kids acted out more during class, especially nearing the end. One kid, Ali, was acting out a lot and being a tots brat. I picked him up and took him to the timeout mat. His teacher called him over, talked to him, and made him be silent the rest of the time. Every time I walked by him, he gave me a dirty look. But all was well when we started playing games again.

The experience so far has been amazing. Seeing how a large portion of Indians live gives me a sense of appreciation that I didn’t have before. I can only imagine that the experience will get better. S/O to my sis Beth and her friend Elliott. Hi Mollie. Hi Mom. Hi Dad. See you star side.