Spencer Ford

Once again I have fallen in love with this amazing/crazy country.  I have experienced so much in this last week I have no idea how to put my feelings into words.  The first night we arrive here after I swear an eternity of traveling which was filled with airplanes, sweating, layovers, SUV’s, carrying bags, and more sweating.  I immediately went for the shower!  I open up my bag to get my new clothes and notice that my bottle of peppermint oil has spilled, but I was too concentrated on taking my shower (which is just a bucket of water that you pour over you).  After I am all done I grab my towel and dry off and two seconds after I am done my whole body was on fire!  It felt like I took a bath in icy hot, I started to freak out so I yelled at nick to do something but he just laughed.  I was on fire not knowing what to do so I kept splashing water on my face and after a long night of trying to fall asleep and people laughing at me (which is becoming the norm) I woke up refreshed.  It was a great way to start my week off (not really but a funny experience none the less). Over the next few days I have met and had the privilege of teaching so many different groups of kids I am truly honored.  First we had the temple girls who are a complete riot, they are too much fun and love to learn.  For the first three days they arrive here where all the boys are staying and we teach them everything from dental hygiene to coloring to advanced English (they are very good at English).  I have had a ton of fun laughing and learning with all of these beautiful girls. But my place I have visited so far is Kalsuin, which happens to be the place my sister zippy and my mom Allison taught in. For the next three days I would be here painting the orphanage and playing with the neighborhood kids.  Right off the bat I show them a pitcher of my family and they point out zeeeppy and Allisoon and scream their names in excitement.  This was an amazing feeling to know how my family has entered the hearts of these little kids and made such a huge impact.  I am so proud and lucky that I have an amazing family who has all done such great things in this world.  After I show them the photos we immediately start playing game after game.  My favorite was a game called Karim Boll, which was a game similar to Billiards except with little checker pieces, and these kids were so freaking good!!  Every day it got harder and harder to say good-bye to these little kids and I will miss them until I see them next year!

One more experience that has been a highlight of this trip is THE soccer game.  This was probably one of the most amazing soccer games I have ever played in.  The venue was absolutely unreal; in the center of town during a festival we had an exhibition match against a team of the best guys in town.  We had thousands of spectators and everyone was amazed and anything you did they would look in awe. We played 35-minute halves and it was an intense game.  All of the YMAD kids played and had a great time doing it, even though we lost everyone had a smile on their face.  I was so proud of my team!!  After the game everyone swarmed us wanting our signatures shaking our hands, it was the coolest experience.  The best part was the next day we were on the front page of the news with the headlines INDIA DEFEATS ENGLAND.  It was awesome!