Sorry Mom (Stephie)

Sorry Mom, but I’m not coming home.  Not all the chocolate in the world can make me!  Let’s be real, how else can you start out a post about the most amazing experience of your life?  It is impossible to push emotions through words as I am trying to explain how I am feeling right now.  This opportunity is priceless and I hope that I am making every moment count. I love everything about India.  I love that my tongue has been burnt off due to overexposure to curry.  I love to sleep on basically cardboard and wake up to screams about spider bites bigger than any Band-Aid.   I even love the fever I’ve had because it keeps me warm in my sleeping bag!  But none of that even compares to the love I have for my kids.  The best feeling I have ever had is when those little kids brush my hair out of my eyes or when they all shout what they have learned to me.  I literally have been staring at the computer screen (which I have forgotten how to use) due to lack of a better explanation.  I can’t even comprehend leaving them.  As I said before, I’m not coming home.

Today we taught about health.  I taught about body parts and can I brag about my kids?  They were so good!  India now knows where their elbow is, thank you very much.  It is so interesting to see all the personalities of my babies!  For example, Sujal has a clef palate but he is the smartest little kid you will meet.  Jahanavi is a spaz but if you hug her she will tell you secrets.  But Bhumika is the most special little girl I have ever met.  She has the biggest brown eyes and only one front tooth, but it’s her ability to love that kills you.  After our last lesson today she skedaddled to me and put her hand to my nose.  It took me a while to realize that she wanted me to smell her hand because she just washed it for the first time.  Then she gave me a kiss on the cheek and grabbed my hand and we went (she dragging me, me falling) to play “Down by the Banks”, which is forever engraved in my mind.

I feel like I’ve talked about nothing as I am feeling everything.  Dad, go ahead and make my room into a gym like you’ve always wanted because you won’t have any use for it as I won’t be there any more.  Mom, can you please tell Alyssa that it was me who ripped her blue dress? I would appreciate if you do these things because, like I said, I’m not coming home.

Stephie Likes this Picture


P.S. Nick is threatening to kill me with curry. I’m scared. Send help.