Sometimes, I Can't Tell If My Goosebumps Are Real Or Just A Side Effect Of Doxycycline.

Bawl my eyes out.
Monday is our last day at our school. I could not be sadder. Seriously. Our kids are the smartest, kindest, talentedest (pretty sure that's not a real word) kids in all of India. It's been so inspiring to see them learn so much, despite the language barrier. They're so sweet. I've acquired quite a few gifts and they are even teaching us an Indian dance after lessons on Monday.

I've just been acting like the end isn't coming, because know I'm going to cry. And I know I'm going to be embarrassed I'm crying. And then things are going to get awkward. I'm just going to miss them so much. I'm going to miss (say with Indian accent) "ma'am baby pink" and "my favorite color is skin color". I'm going to miss the little second graders yelling answers to the flash cards at the tops of their lungs. I'm going to miss the teacher with the worst malocclusion I've ever seen. I'm going to miss talking with the older girls and exchanging rings. (And dare I say it, I might even miss playing Ride Ride Ride That Pony every thirty minutes.)

They have so much potential and I'm so extremely grateful I have had the opportunity to help them progress in their lives. It's been a life changing experience teaching them. I don't think I could say that enough.

I just hope I've touched their lives as much as they've touched mine.

Emily Peterson

P.s. Happy late birthday Ashley. I will sing and dance for you when I get home. We can make that.