Some Logisitcs from Nick Clark

Nicks Photo I’m keeping my warm-hearted feelings to myself! You can know the logistics of our trip.

28th We drove for 10 hours in the Himalayas to Chamba.

29th First day we our teaching the girls from the Temple orphanage.

30th 2nd day of Temple girls.

31st  3rd day of Temple girls.

1st Service project in Kalsuin (we’re painting the orphanage)

2nd Soccer game with the local Chamba team.  Afternoon Finish painting.

3rd 4th day of Temple girls

4th Last day with Temple girls in the afternoon . Then we start our other workshops with girls from a very rural part of the Himalayas called Tesla, which is located 4 hours away from Chamba. They have had very little schooling in their lives.

5th 2nd day with Tesla girls

6th 3rd day with Tesla girls

7th 4th day with Tesla girls

8th Last day with Tesla girls; our cultural event with all the girls; say our goodbyes.

9th Leave Chamba (drive alllllll day!)

10th Travel to Amritsar to see the Golden Temple before taking a night train to Delhi.

11th Go to Accra to see the Taj Mahal

12th Begin our travels home to the USA.

A typical day for us is:

7 Get up get ready

8:30 break fast

9:15 start our workshops

Lunch at 12:30

Teach until 4, and then walk the girls to the Temple orphanage

5:00 get ready for tomorrow with our workshops

7 o clock dinner

8 team meeting and planning for tomorrow

9-11 Journal and chill. 11 bed time.