soccer… I mean football: Brexton

It’s hard to imagine that you all are just waking up and beginning your day. This has definitely been the most difficult but rewarding day for me. The kids had absolutely zero focus and any shyness they had on Monday is totally gone. Trying to get them to sit down and do flash cards was like trying to get cats to line up in a circle. I really wanted them to learn something so we went over body parts using head shoulders knees and toes then we went outside and played soccer… I mean football. It was so much fun, I can’t believe how simple it is to have genuine fun. All you need is a ball and some marks in the dirt and everybody is having a blast. Again I really love the village visits and the opportunity to go right into these people’s living rooms and see how they live. It is so humbling and so interesting. The people just flock around us and just want to shake our hand or high five us and occasionally ask for a picture. Tomorrow we go to Nicco Park with the girls, which will be super fun. Everything is just great here in India. The only bad part about not having my bags is that I can’t wear my REI pants. The food is good, the people are amazing and I think I’m going to just stay a few more months. Asymptote.