So This Is Love (Sarah Willes)

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Only a few short weeks ago, coming to India seemed like a far off fantasy, something that would never actually happen. Now it has become a reality, and I’m in love with every single part of India. SO THIS IS LOVE. I’ve decided India is the best place ever. Each day is a brand new adventure with my new friends at my school and my ashram.

Each morning we walk across the Indiana Jones Bridge and are welcomed by smiling faces and giggles that make every single one of us smile. The kids are so smart!! Teaching lessons is so fun. Yesterday I taught about Personal Hygiene, and I helped each student wash his or her hands. The first graders were so happy because they got to use the soap all on their own. The fifth graders go CRAZY sometimes but I love them all so much. One little boy is named Mohit and he is the ringleader of all of them. He is so cute. He calls me Ma’am when he wants to play games instead of learn English. When we leave the school the kids walk with us through a small village and back to the bridge. I walk hand in hand with this little girl named Malka every day and even though we can’t communicate very well, she has touched my heart.

The ashram is so fun because all we do is play games with little boys. Pulling up to the ashram is a highlight of my day because heads will be poking out from behind the gate, smiling and waving to us. There is no better feeling than knowing that they were looking forward to you returning. There is one little boy, Labaloo, that is so so tiny and when he runs his flip flops go flying off of his feet and my heart melts from cuteness every time. At the ashram things can become chaos pretty easily because we will be playing soccer, basketball, Frisbee, and keep-away all at the same time. I have played Down By The Banks so many times that I think my hand will fall off but they always get so excited and say “hanky panky! Hanky panky!”

It is incredible that we haven’t been here that long and I am already so in love with these kids. If you want to find pure joy just come to India and play with the most adorable children on this earth. (any child in India will do)

Anyways I must get back to making a difference in the world but shout out to my FAMILY for being awesome. Love you tons!