Small and Simple Things (McKell Vassau)

It’s taken traveling across the world to the beautiful place called India to truly realize how lucky I am for the luxuries in my life. India has exceeded my expectations and has taught me a lot more from being here and seeing it. It is much poorer than I expected and far more beautiful in every way. My time in India hasn’t been easy in no means. It is hard and I constantly feel dirty and foreign, but it has honestly been at times the most happiest I have ever been. I can’t wipe the smile off my face. So giddy!! The girls and people in the villages make me feel so loved and appreciated. I know now there is a little girl across the world that thinks the world of me. She loves me so much she constantly finds me, kisses my cheeks, and wants to hold my hands. They sometimes claim their territory and want you to be their best friend only. Think about that when you feel lonely. Their big brown eyes make my heart melt and want to hug them and never let go. I’m grateful for the compassion they have taught me. The other day when I stubbed my toe, Parnima wiped the blood off with her hands and was very concerned about me. It was one of the many simple things that brought me great joy. The girls don’t care who you are or where you come from, they embrace you like you are their best friend right off the bat. I now understand why people say, “Your family and friends just won’t understand.” Trust me.. It’s okay. I didn’t understand a week ago. What they can comprehend is that we are so blessed!! We have such great lives and are abundant in the many things we do have compared to most the people here, who live in dirt and stick houses. I have found such great joy in my time serving and loving the people around me. I love my family and miss them more than they know.