Simply the Coolest thing EVER-Sandon S.


It’s our fifth day in India. Bucket showers have become second nature and I think I have finally adjusted to the 12 hour time difference. My team and I have become SO close to the kids in our school and ashram. It’s an amazing experience to see understanding in these little student’s eyes.  One little boy in particular named Savour is one of my very favorites. He is extremely shy at times and sometimes he gets overlooked during games because he is so small. The sadness in his eyes at those times breaks my heart. BUT! I’ll go out of my way to make sure he is included. The instant I pick him up he smiles! What an amazing smile!

Playing with the ashram kids has honestly been the most amazing, humbling, exciting and happiest thing I have ever done! They are so awesome. My teams ashram is in the village of Sahu and overlooks breathtaking mountains, (I will have pictures), and at sunset worshippers will sing their prayers. It creates a very real and unreal experience at the same time. Their voices bounce off the mountains and echo throughout the valley! SOOO COOL.

There is this boy named Jon Muhammad in the ashram who came up to me yesterday. My team and I were still packing up from our lessons and he came up and introduced himself to me. I told him my name and he immediately grabbed my hand. He said “Ashram?” and I responded saying “Yes!”  We then ran down the steep stone path to the Ashram laughing the WHOLE WAY! IT WAS SO AWESOME! He looked so happy and it was one of the best parts thus far in the Ashram!

We also had our cultural exchange today! Talk about a party! The guys and I killed our dance and the girls killed theirs as well. The Indian students sang and danced for us and it was really interesting to see their culture through that medium! After we had finished all of the performances we danced to some of their music. Some of the kids and all of  YMAD went onto the stage and danced our hearts out! I moshed with Indian kids! WICKED!

We ended the day with a dinner with some of Chambas local government leaders! It was quite the ordeal. We sang and ate and made small talk but it was pretty fun!

And to some everything up today was quite simply the COOLEST THING EVER!