Siera Stokes

Critters In My Pants

Quick rerun of the last few days for me.. the night we got here I knew something was wrong because I couldn’t sleep. I was sick the next day but was still able to teach my girls. The next day I woke up and immediately knew I had strep throat, because I could barely swallow. My tonsils were almost completely white and raw. HA! Joke on me because I never get sick! I’m completely fine though and went to bed last night at 7 pm so I’m doing better today. We even went on a hike to a huge waterfall last night and got in! So I’m not sure it was the smartest thing, but I enjoyed every second and was laughing the entire time!

This morning at breakfast we were all sitting around and laughing when I felt something in my leg… oh no. I told everyone “There is a critter in my pants!!!” It is inappropriate in India to lift up our shirts and adjust our pant suits though and Raj, our Indian expedition leader, and Sundeep, our Indian host, were in the room so I couldn’t do anything in front of them. Maggie and I ran to the bathroom and I searched for a bug and couldn’t find anything. You have to understand though that the pants we wear here have tons and tons of creases. So we head back to breakfast and a few minutes later I feel something in my pants again so I grabbed it from the outside and ran to a tent to undress completely and found a HUGE BEETLE!! I don’t know if beetles pinch or bite, but it did something unpleasant to my thigh! I showed the little sucker to everyone and then killed that devilish bug immediately! We then taught the girls and had a blast with them! I taught Advanced English and I’m so proud to see the girls advancing and able to put sentences together today. After teaching, everyone came to mine and Liz Bond’s room, where we sat and laughed for an hour. Sundeep then invited us to play volleyball where we played 9 on 9 for over an hour and it was such a blast! The team I was on won the first game and then the Indians wanted to play Indians against Americans… we were demolished! (Bud- I served almost every time that it was my team’s turn and I was actually WAY good. So please be proud! Hahaha) The men here are setting up a fire for us right now so it will be fun to sit around a campfire in the mountains with a bunch of friends!

The 53 hours of travel here almost killed me even though I slept majority of each plane ride and part of the 16 hour bus ride. I’m so happy to be back here though! It looks like Oregon on steroids with mountains, trees, and a huge, raging river right by our camp that we can hear when we fall asleep at night. Liz Bond, my roommate, and I honestly love living together while we’re here and stay up and talk and giggle! Our team has grown really close and get along really well! This morning I went on a hike/run with Spencer, Nick, and Liz and we saw the most amazing view! We went to a village high in the mountains and could see the other side of the so called “valley” where there were steps of mountains like the rice steps in China. It is honestly so beautiful here and nothing like I expected. I was speechless!

Family- I miss you all so much and hope you’re still trucking along without me and I make sure to look at CC’s moon every night so I hope that you do too!!  I love you all to the moon and back! Have a fun rest of the week! (This includes you too Rick!!)

XOXO.. C.C. Rae