Shindia Happens!!!!! -Siera Stokes

Family and Friends, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Well, today was any other day for all of these amazing Indian people, but it was a little different for us. My group was able to make it to Cotchpakur today without our car breaking down 6 times like it did yesterday!! My lesson for the kids today was on family, and I realized how grateful I am not only for my immediate family, but also for my YMAD family. In our village they took us on a boat ride and the boat is pretty much a gondola made out of a hollowed palm tree. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL; it was the first time that it was quiet this whole trip. I didn’t realize how grateful I am for the calmness of my own home! After that, we went to the boarding school and the girls loved us as much as ever. They treat us like we are celebrities and love us unlike anyone I’ve ever met. These girls have nothing and still manage to give us anything they have! They have given me a necklace, bracelet, candies, and notes.  For dinner Jessie, Spencer, Adam, and I made Thanksgiving Dinner. We made mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, corn, and Abijit made our chicken. It doesn’t sound like much work but if you saw what we are working with you’d be impressed!! Just call us the Shindia chefs… we can adapt to any situation!

This Thanksgiving has been the most amazing one I’ve experienced and I feel so blessed to be here today with so many amazing people who have influenced my life in so many ways. Today we woke up to an amazing surprise from the U.S.A… Skiddy made it!! One of our boys’ passport didn’t arrive on time but it came Monday and he flew out to come meet us! Oh boy.. were we some happy campers! Our group is now complete! Tonight we sat around the tables eating dinner on our roof patio and everyone said what they were grateful for. There are so many things in this world to be thankful for. The letters from our parents made all of us bawl our eyes out! I am so grateful for being here and I know that it will be unlike and experience, especially any Thanksgiving that I will ever celebrate so I am trying to take in every single moment. Enjoy Thanksgiving back at home for us and remember that we all love you!!

XOXO… Siera Stokes