Shelter from the Storm

Considering the fact that I’m in India, it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with something to write. So once again I guess I will just rant about how much I love the kids. There’s this one baby boy who is probably the most hysterical child. He just wanders around and does what he wants. When Jacob was teaching his math lesson, the boy started crawling around and his little bum was completely out... I thought I was going to die from laughter. Another funny guy, Latesh, is one of the cutest kids. He always comes up to me and says “ood job” because I say “good job” so much. He also blows me kisses and every time I want to kidnap him. Not actually, because that’s super creepy, but he’s the sweetest. I can’t believe today was our last full day with the kids, I feel like I’ve grown so close with them and I don’t know what I’m going to do without the daily bear hugs. Honestly, it will be weird when I don’t have children attached to my hands and slobber covering my face from kisses. They make me happier than just about anything else. I want to be able to love as unconditionally as they do.

Today I had this moment when I was completely overwhelmed and my usual girls, Tabu, Neha, Punma, and Kusm were playing somewhere else. An older girl, Priya (she’s one of the smartest kids you’ll ever meet), came up to me hugged me. It was mellow and perfect in that moment. I’ve had a lot of perfect moments this week. I know that even when life get’s stressful again, I will have these two weeks of memories as a refuge. This is essentially a “shelter from the storm,” ...Bob Dylan knows what’s up.

Ellie Fuller

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