Shawnie Holt

Shawnie's picture Thus far India has been above and beyond my expectations.  The landscape and culture are both beautiful and breath-taking, but honestly the people are what amaze me most. After only a day and a half with the temple girls so far, I’m in awe of how much I feel like I already feel like I know them! They are the kindest people I have ever met. They are so willing to give me love even though they don’t know anything about me.  They save me a spot to stand by them while playing “Simon says”.  If I crack the tiniest of smiles they grin back my way with everything they have.  If I compliment their bracelet they tell me how pretty I look today.  Everything I give to them is given back tenfold in the most sincere and sweet way.  I’ve never experienced a language barrier before, but it’s incredible how easily it is to understand these’s girls’ emotions and just sincere love.  They seriously never stop smiling!! Just a minute ago as I’m sitting here blogging Rachel accidently said my name instead of someone else’s when she told a group of girls to go play games, so within seconds I was surrounded by the most beautiful girls, ready to receive and even more-so, give me their undivided attention.  That was a really, really good moment. I can’t even explain it well, but to say I feel good inside is very much an understatement.  Another heart melting moment from yesterday is when Monika was writing in her journal and suddenly asked me how to spell my name.  As I begun to tell her I looked down to see what she was writing.  She had written the statement, “My best friend is Shawnie”.  Ahhh. Unreal. This young girl who knows nothing about me and had seriously only known me for maybe about 4 hours already trusts me. I first I felt like I didn’t deserve that.  But maybe everyone deserves that. A little more trust and love in the world probably wouldn’t hurt.  I can’t imagine how I’m going to feel in a couple more weeks when I have to say goodbye.

O yeah and Mom, my bag is lost somewhere in Singapore… so that’s fun hahah. It has been fine actually but I know me and six other people will be very happy when those show up.

Lovin and Livin in Chamba,