Scott's bad 'A' blog

Greetings from India!!! WOW this week has been the greatest adventure of my life! Starting from day one when we left Utah to our day one in India was a long journey. However i was welcomed with a face full of snot from a goat, and a horn in the butt from a cow. Besides the animals, the people here are very kind and greatful with what little they have. Throughout the week we have gone to our villages in the morning and taught the coolest little kids who are eager to learn. Afterwards we go on our village tour and visit many homes. Its crazy to see how a family of four can live in a home the size of my bedroom and be as happy and giving as they are. Every family welcomed us bringing out a chair or mat to sit on, a blessing with a plate of puffed rice, coconut, and some other food I'm not sure the name of. Cars not being able to reach it, we got to take Rickshaws through our village. The older boys favorite thing to do is play with their Lattu’s. Lattu’s are a top made our of wood with a nail through it. they get it to spin by wrapping a string from the bottom to the top and throwing it holding on to the string. Yesterday was our Cultural exchange day. We wore our nice pair of clothes and the girls were decked out in their finest as well. First they preformed a lot of different dances for us which was very cool to see and very different from anything we have in Utah. After a few of their dances, we got up and sang and danced a few numbers for them and then they finished off with a few more. After it was done, we had a huge dance party with all of the girls! It was a little difficult to dance to Indian music at first, but after a few songs we all picked up a few new dance moves and it was a blast! Today was the day we had to say our goodbyes too our villages and ours girls at the school! The hardest thing for me was to say goodbye to Shrabanti who is one of my favorite girls at the day boarding school as well as Rosita and Purnima! I didnt think i would cry until Shrabanti started to cry and asked me if i would be coming back tomorrow. Im getting very excited for the rest of this week. Tomorrow we leave for the Tiger Camp which is going to be awesome! Im excited to go bartering again on the streets in Kolkata and get some sweet stuff! Anyway, im excited to see ya’ll and am eager to get a nice juicy steak!!! Scott Jeppson