Scott Melis

Today was quite an exciting day! It’s the fifth day of our Journey around India and once again this country did not fail to surprise us. To start the day we ate another breakfast made up of cornflakes, scones, spicy chicken nuggets, and eggs. After breakfast we jumped into three jeeps and started our road trip to Dahmsala. The drive was supposed to last about 7 hours but ended up being about 9 due to a few mishaps. The drive was pretty calm for the first few hours and was similar to the curvy road we encountered on the way to Minali. To pass time the time our car played hours and hours of a game called 7 degree’s of Kevin Bacon and sang countless songs. We had been on the road for about 5 hours when the rain really started coming down. We knew it wasn’t your average rain fall when we saw water gushing from the river over the road and our wild Indian drivers actually putting on their seatbelts. After a lot of yelling over the phone in Hindi they decided to press on with caution. Going ahead at safer speeds and after a few much needed prayers we finally arrived in Dahmsala. Driving through the city was incredible! Its high up in the Mammalian mountains and full of interesting/fun people. As we drove up to our Hotel we noticed we weren’t actually staying at your typical hotel. This was a HUGE cricket stadium! Our rooms are in the box seats overlooking the field. I would say its the equivalent of having a fully furnished room/bed in Energy Solutions Arena watching the Jazz. It’s pretty wild! Once we were settled we drove the mountain about 15 minutes until we found a few restaurants. The one the looked the least sketchy had a large picture of Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) eating a plate of Indian food. The slogan read “Its Pierce’s favorite choice!” So we figured if it was good enough for Pierce it was good enough for us. After a decent meal we did a little bit of shopping and headed back to the hotel. We are all exhausted! Just a couple more days until we can see the girls. We’re so darn excited. That’s all for now! Get errrr done!