Scott Bringhurst

India has been so amazing so far, meeting the greatest people, and chilling with my om boy Raj.  Not only is this adventure great, but the people I’m sharing it with couldn’t be better!  Everyone has worked so hard to make it here and make it successful.  First week has been a lot of traveling, but we’ve seen so many cool cities and temples.  Finally arriving at the NHPC in Chamba we got to visit our girls.  Being in India is so awesome, but the girls we saw today are what push me to get here.  Meeting all of them and seeing how excited they were to see us was a life changing experience.  This is what the trip is about and it’s just about to start.  Can’t wait for tomorrow morning to eat breakfast with girls and start our educational workshops!  Love ya fam and for all the parents, James has done a great job keeping us safe, so don’t worry ;)