Saucy, the life of

Since we last spoke, much has come to pass. For starters, we rolled into town to find our quarters much more accommodating than i had thought they would be. We all have large tents except for some of us who are housed in actual structures. The first day of school Ashby and I experienced the life of full-time monkey bars/jungle gyms. The children were legit dragging us down the mountain! And their bodies are infinite times more limber than that of an American teenager, so them charging down the mountain hauling us in the wake is more dangerous for us than them, should we suddenly eat it down the hill. After we had returned i discovered that our tent had turned into the community boys’ gathering. Many stories came to pass, but what happens in India stays in India. For our service project we are painting a large wall, but somewhere along in the process of that, the girls in our team decided that the paint should go on everyone’s faces instead. And while everyone else got paint splattered on their faces, i literally had a paint brush taken to my cara. That certainly was a joy to scrape off in a bucket shower.. Not! Anywho, i have scarce more to say other than it has been quite the experience. Until next time,

Steven Boyce

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