Saturday. Jenny Rouse

We have now spend 4 wonderful days with the children at Kalsui.
Our days begin early. Greg offers an optional Boot Camp, Megan and Abby lead others in a vigorous and scenic run through the hills. Erika has become our resident Yogi offering rooftop sessions of Warrior One and Down Dog at dawn.

We leave the NHCP at 8:30 each day. 6 jeeps are loaded with duffle bags containing supplies for the day. Everyone piles in and heads for their schools.

Our team is pretty convinced that we have the smartest, most affectionate and enthusiastic students of all. Each day that we have spent with them has made it more difficult to imagine leaving. How is it possible to love someone you just met?

I am so lucky to have this wonderful group of YMAD kids!

Matt is the Gentle Giant. He painstakingly prepped his math lesson the night before and helped each child thread and triple-tie their bead bracelets after an expert, interactive lesson on addition.

Caleb really knows how to connect with the kids. He was very creative with his group when he walked them around the schoolyard looking for geometric shapes to reinforce his lesson. It is obvious how much he loves them!

Andrea has such a great teaching style. Its a combination of an open, friendly approach with a natural flair for keeping the kids in line when the afternoon wiggles hit. Her positive outlook has been a constant since day-one.

Chloe conveys a gentle kindness with each student. Her lesson on sports and hobbies was enhanced with a rousing game of charades.
She is always prepared and great at improvising when unexpected things pop up.

Zippy shares her sunny personality and easy smile with all of the kids. They yell "Zeepy!" when they see her. Besides having a wonderful way with the kids at Kalsui, Zippy has been a huge asset to our team with her talent for planning and problem solving.

Zach is a unique individual with an uncanny talent for making music anytime, anywhere with anything! Whether it be a ukulele, wooden flute or two long sticks with assorted buckets trash cans or bowls, if Zach is around, there will be music. He is a fantastic teacher to all of the kids as well!

Our team has been able to accomplish so much in the short time we have been here (with the support of Greg, Megan, and the incredible people they work with here in India as well as all of the people in SLC who donated time, supplies, funds, etc.)

Each child has (or will on Monday) received:
a hygiene kit
Medical exam
School supplies
Warm hat
Fleece blanket

Our team has taken on the daunting task of painting the interior walls of the one-room schoolhouse. The YMAD kids bought posters and a calendar to hang as the finishing touch.

We are also working on providing screens for the ashram and coal to keep them warm this winter. The kids also painted a beautiful mural on ashram's wall.

Sending all my love to my wonderful family I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you on December 3rd! XOXO