Sarah McCurdy

India. Nothing I have ever seen or done has been this amazing. The adventure has finally begun and I’m love every second.

The first thing I would like to touch on is the driving. With all the crowded narrow streets the only way to describe it is as being professionally reckless. By saying this I mean, everyone drives fast and crazy with out flinching. Our drivers and every other driver coming within less than 1/8in of accidently sideswiping…I’d say just about everything...people, cars, trees, cows, dogs, bikes, huts, walls. Yet somehow magically they maneuver themselves around honking at people and honking while turning sharp corners then they manage to pass other vehicles up. I’m pretty positive driving laws don’t exist. So back in America some people say California driving is bad??? All I have to say to that is you aint seen nothing. I absolutely love the driving. Its one big adrenalin rush, better than any Disneyland ride I’d say. Why can’t it be like this in America? Okay as much as I love it I don’t think any of us Americans would be alive if we drove this way. So in conclusion the driving fantastic.

Today was amazing. We finally got to go to our boarding schools. I loved working with the girls and doing education workshops. The girls were very cute. We made visors and played a lot of games. In the afternoon we went to the day boarding school and once again the kids were so cute and fun. The best part was playing duck-duck-goose. It was the most intense game in history. I got dirt all over me and the kids laughed and loved it. Leaving the schools was a whole new rush of emotions as the kids hugged us and grabbed our hands. I know were already attached.

This part of the world is nothing like any of my wildest dreams… its better. And I will speak for everyone…”I’m so happy and grateful that I am here!”


Sara McCurdy