Sarah Huber

Hey all!  This past week has definitely been one of the best weeks of my life. Today was our second day in Kullu.  I sure do miss the Jibhi girls, but the Kullu girls are awesome!  They are so outgoing and have such great personalities.  It’s been really fun to work with them.  I feel like they are learning a lot and really grasping what we teach them.  They have so much potential and I know that if they keep working on their English, they will be able to improve their situations. During our sports & music workshop today, we played with water balloons.  We broke out the water balloon launcher and the girls LOVED it.  They were getting such a kick out of shooting water balloons at Spencer and Josh.  Seeing the girls laugh and smile just makes me so happy!  I hope that I have brought as much sunshine into the lives of these girls as they have brought into mine.

After we finished teaching today, we went shopping at the market in Kullu.  Then we came back to our hotel and Nick and Maggie made us a surprise dinner… SPAGHETTI!  It tasted amazing and it was nice to have something familiar after eating Indian food for a week.  Thanks Nick and Maggie, you guys rock!

Well, I can’t wrap up this blog post without giving a shout out to my mom… I love you Mom!

I’ll just finish up by saying that I’m thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to come to India and meet these girls.  They have definitely impacted my life and I hope that I’ve impacted theirs.

Love and miss you guys!