Sarah Diamond

SONY DSC Well here I am back in Chamba! It feels so surreal to be back. I’ve only visited this place once before almost five years ago, but there is a surprising feel of familiarity. I’m not much of a writer/blogger so I’ll keep this short. Chamba is so beautiful right now. The mountains are, of course, to die for and the extreme green from this rainy season makes them even better. Teaching and being with different groups of kids has been great, so fun to teach with the other YMAD kids and have the Indian kids get so excited when they remember words we teach. I can’t even describe how much I love this YMAD group. We are constantly laughing and getting along so well, they are making this trip for me. Today we drove up the canyon to Ira Public School and taught the cutest kids outside with the most incredible view. They just love everything we do and love the workshops we teach. I’m sure there has been much said about our evening as well. Playing a soccer game right in the center of town in front of over 1,000 Indians (who are experts at staring) was a dream. We had so much fun playing against the Indian team and had to dodge the occasional dog or even cow that would wander onto the field. I wish my family could have been there and played along. It was so fun and everyone played awesome! This has been such a great experience to be back to teach kids who deserve so much more than they have, and do it with this group. I couldn’t ask for more!