Sara McCurdy

It’s been a week since the adventure began and what a week its been. The best part for me has been going to the village schools.

My group (The Ballacala Balas) we have been working in a school with about forty girls. Each one of the girls is absolutely adorable. Everyday we have done workshops. One of the workshops was teaching the girls how to wash their hands. At the end of teaching we gave each of the girls a small bar of soap. As we passed out soap I noticed a few girls beginning to cry. One of the girls Samini she had tears running down her face. She was smiling, crying and for the first time in my life I cried over soap. I gave Samini the biggest hug and we laughed.

We have had many opportunities to walk around the villages. On one of our short ganders (which lasted hours) many of the girls from the school were holding my hands and arms. The girls were laughing so hard as I tried to repeat the Bengaly words they were saying. They taught me how to say “I love you”. The girls started to repeat words I was saying and I found it so funny when one of the girls said “the bomb dot com”. The people here live in incredibly poor conditions. Many of the people

I can hardly describe everything that has happened in the last several days and for the most part I’m not sure even where to begin.