Sam Skidmore Headed for India!

We are always amazed at the miracles we see happen with this work!  As many of you may know several of our youth had a hard time getting visas for numerous reasons, mostly stemming from the new requirement to have parents send copies of their passports with their applying minors.  The last member of  the team going to Chamba received her visa on Friday, before departure. Sam Skidmore was not so lucky.  I can only imagine the heart break he and the rest of his group must have felt when he delivered his team bag back to Cobabe's to be redistributed in other team bags the night before he was suposed to leave. Saturday after getting the Cobabe's team off to India I was checking my email and discovered a note from the Consulate General that had arrived late Friday night, stating they would release Sam's visa on Monday.  After some maneuvering today we managed to get Sam's visa picked up from the Consulate in San Francisco. Thanks to the help of our travel agent in San Francisco we were able to get Sam and his visa together at the airport and on the 10:50 pm flight to Kolkata.

The miracle was we were told Sam's visa would be held for a minimum of two weeks after being delivered to the Consulate.  It had been delivered the Tuesday before departure. I had written an email to a contact in the Consulate but it had been returned undeliverable. On a whim I wrote a note Friday to the Consulate General. For some reason he responded to that note late Friday, on the last day of an incredibly busy Diwali holiday week. The stars aligned again today when we got a flight to India and the visa and Sam back together again and on his way.  Some one is watching over us and we acknowledge his hand in our work.

Sam, have a great trip! We can't wait to hear your side of the story and all about your experiences!